Alchemical Warfare


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Alchemical Warfare is a top-down base defense game in which you play as an alchemist defending their tower from corrupting asteroids.

The game functions, but is completely unbalanced.


The jams theme was "growth", and was developed in 48 hours in collaboration with two other team members from Massey University.

The most interesting feature to implement was the growing corruption. This was implemented using a custom shader in Unity's Shader Graph. The alpha channel of each vertices color value in the ground plane was set to represent the corruption level at that position. The shader could then interpolate between corrupted and uncorrupted textures at each vertex position based on these alpha values.

Although the end result was not fully playable due to time constraints, the project was a lot of fun to work on, and served as a valuable lesson in the importance of scope management when working in a team setting.

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