Cosmic Camembert The Feline Frontier


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Cosmic Camembert is a 2D side-scroller that places you in the role of a space rat evading an invading armada of weaponized space cats.


Cosmic Camembert was created in 72 hours for the Scorejam 27 game jam, and was developed in collaboration with artist Quinn Fenton. The jam's theme of "cats + guns" led to a fun and creative development process.

One of the more interesting and challenging aspects to implement was the endless environment. This was achieved through object pooling, which allowed us to dynamically and performantly add and remove terrain chunks, asteroids, and enemy characters as they were needed.

Although the gameplay was missing polish, the development journey was exceptionally rewarding. The visual aesthetics, courtesy of Quinn Fenton's incredible artwork, are a standout feature of the game.

© Daniel John Miller