Daniel John Miller

Hello! I'm Daniel John Miller, a C# and Unity game developer from New Zealand.

I am extremely passionate about game development, and am always excited to learn something new and challenge myself in my projects.

Feel free to check my projects listed below. I'm always open to collaboration and eager to connect with fellow game developers.

Game Jams

Urban Escape Demo

Urban Escape

Project for Interstellar Game Jam 6. Drive a van through a procedural forest to escape an expanding city.


Galactic Equilibrium Demo

Galactic Equilibrium

Project for Fireside Jam 2024. Casual strategy game about maintaining an expanding trade network of planets.


Ducking Time Demo

A Cross in Ducking Time

Project for Duck Duck Jam 2024. Top-down bullet hell game where time fluctuates in different areas of the map. Delevoped with an international team.


Dimensional Divide Demo

Dimensional Divide

Project for Acorn Jam 5. Explore the space of two parallel dimensions for items that belong in the other dimension.

Itch.io | More Information

Gravity Duck Demo

Gravity Duck

Project for ScoreSpace speed jam 3. Jump, tumble, and waddle your duck to the pond as fast as you can.


Orbital Overflow Demo

Orbital Overflow

Project for Ludum Dare 54. Juggle moving and storing tetris-like cargo blocks on a space station.

Itch.io | More Information

Cosmic Camembert Demo

Cosmic Camembert: The Feline Frontier

Project for Scorejam 27. Play as a space rat evading an endless hoard of weaponized space cats.

Itch.io | More Information

Coding Adventures

Cubeless Demo


Procedural infinate voxel terrain generator.

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Road Network Generator Demo

Road Network Generator

A tool for procedural generating a road netowrk for a town based on input maps such as population density.

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Incomplete Projects

Goblin Mode Demo

Goblin Mode

Prototype for a physics based cooperative game where you unleash your inner goblin looting, stealing, and causing chaos.

Itch.io | More Information

Tangent Space Demo

Tangent Space

Dynamic physics-driven spaceship game, where swinging and grappling are the primary maneuvering strategy.

Itch.io | More Information

Tablescape Demo


Procedural map generator for tabletop role-playing games.

Itch.io | More Information

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